I am The Book's Website

I am this website. The website of The Book of Michael. That's the book's working title. It hasn't been published yet. It's not even finished. It's a work in progress.

Like you, like the book, like the author of the book, I am also work in progress.

I my own self, but I also represent the book, and to a degree, its author. I try to be clear, and user-friendly. I hope I seem so to you.

About the book

Until November 1 the book existed only as idea. But it was an idea that wanted to become real.

On November 1 it became a few pages of writing--and it evolved as an idea. And on November 1, I was born.

You can see the book's progress by reading the book's blog. Yes! The book has its own blog.


The book wants to continue to evolve (just like you, just like me) and become better. It wants to be a better idea and to realize itself.

It will first realize itself in a series of posts in the book's blog.

Then (it hopes, and I hope, and I hope you will come to hope) the book becomes an ebook! And then a bound book! It will go out in the world. Perhaps many people will like it. Perhaps only a few. Either way, it's an exciting idea.

And we can all get to what happens. I, for one, can hardly wait.

As for me, my aspirations are more modest. I aspire only to be a good website adequate to the needs of the book I represent. Perhaps the book will inspire me to make more of myself. I don't know..

I do hope to evolve and grow (just like you, just like the book) but unlike the book, and perhaps you, I don't know yet what I want to become.


If you want to communicate with the book you can write it at its mail address. Yes! The book has its own email account. It's busy creating itself, so it may be slow to respond.

As a website I don't have my own email address, but if you have any comments about me, you can write me, c/o the book, here.

I hope you have enjoyed reading me.

Come back and see how I evolve, and let me know how you are evolving.

-The Book's Site